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Get up-to-date GPT-4 response with AIChatOne

GPT-4 is OpenAI's most advanced language model. It creates responses that are safer and more helpful. Thanks to its wide knowledge and ability to solve problems, GPT-4 can tackle difficult issues with greater accuracy.

Now you can access 🤖️ GPT-4 with AIChatOne AI on any webpage!

Why access GPT-4 via AIChatOne AI?

1、Save your money

Why go with ChatGPT when you have a cheaper option that performs just as well? To access GPT-4 through ChatGPT Plus, you have to pay $20 per month. But with AIChatOne, you can use GPT-4 for free through your Bing Copilot account! And if you prefer, you can use your own OpenAI API key and just pay as you go.

2、Generate factual and real-time content

ChatGPT has limited knowledge - it only knows about the world and events up until 2021, unless it has internet access. But AIChatOne AI will answer your questions using the latest search results. This means you get up-to-date and factual responses.

AIChatOne doesn't just skim the titles and descriptions of search results. It deeply reads the full content of each result. This gives AIChatOne a strong factual basis to ground its responses.

3、Support voice input and output

AIChatOne AI takes your conversation and question-answering to the next level. It delivers GPT-4 responses in a natural voice. You can also use the microphone button to talk with the AI chatbot in multiple languages.

4、Access GPT-4 anywhere on Chrome

AIChatOne Chrome extension allows you to access GPT-4 in real time on any website. Save yourself the hassle of logging into ChatGPT website, greatly boost your productivity.

5、Provide featured powerful prompts library

AIChatOne AI provides a free prompt library with one-click access. AIChatOne AI's prompt library has hundreds of high-quality prompts. With just a single click, these prompts can transform your daily tasks and help solve problems for your small business.

AIChatOne use cases

Write factual content on any website

AIChatOne is an AI-powered chatbot with a real-time database and search engine. This allows it to provide the latest information on current events and topics happening right now.

In contrast, ChatGPT uses a pre-trained language model only up until 2021, so it can't update itself in real-time. AIChatOne is a more advanced and powerful version that can keep pace with current news and events. This gives it an advantage in terms of precision and reliability.

Don't bother with typing, use your voice instead

Stop spending any time manually entering data for content generation. AIChatOne is an AI chatbot integrated with speech-to-text (STT) technology.

It can transform your voice to text and quickly produce precise and relevant content.

Use chrome extension to access GPT-4 on any website

Are you tired of juggling multiple tabs and AI tools? With AIChatOne, you can access all your AI needs in one click, anytime and anywhere within your web browser. This means you can effortlessly use GPT-4 to write or ask questions in any working circumstance.

One more tip for you: you can summon AIChatOne not only by clicking the extension icon, but also by using the shortcut ⌘ / Ctrl + M.

Transform your tasks with One-Click Prompts

The AIChatOne prompt library helps you use GPT-4 better. It has ready-made prompts you can use with just one click. You don't have to come up with the prompts yourself.

This makes things simpler and makes sure the prompts get the best responses from GPT-4.

With this prompt library, you can try many different conversation topics and get the most out of talking to GPT-4.


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